I Create Software Solutions To Solve Real World Problems

Dynamic Release Checklist

A release checklist that uses questions to filter out tasks needed to be performed so only relevant tasks are shown. Written in AngularJS and tested with Jasmine.

Workout Tracker

Currently a work in progress, workout tracker helps a person record their lifting numbers without the use of paper or pencil. Written in AngularJS, mobile responsive and easy to use.


Python script using Selenium to navigate the UI and post items on craigslist every 3 days. Uses the Gmail Python library to accept Terms and Conditions, fully automating the posting of CraigList ads.


An itinerary creator. Never be late to an event and never forget something again! Written in KnockoutJS

ISU Admirers

Twitter account amassing 20k followers. Users can submit tweets anonymously to the twitter account via a website I built. Tweets submitted with the LAMP stack and parsed/posted to the Twitter API with Python.

Snake Password

JavaScript password generator. Builds pseudo-random passwords where the next character in the password is next to the previous character.